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Yangon (Rangoon)

The commercial centre of Myanmar, still maintains its colonial charm with wide tree lined avenues, tranquil lakes, and gracious turn of the century architecture. The magnificant Shwedagon Pagoda dominates the city skylines, while at street lever Yangon is a paradise for hunting out a variety of exotic arts and crafts. Of particular interest in the many shops of scotts market, are Myanmar 's precious stones- Rubies, Sapphires and Jades. At night, Chinatown comes alive with its street bazaars.





King Mindon, making it the capital of an independent kingdom for less than 30 years, had founded the town only 29 years earlier in 1857. Contrary to other Burmese towns, especially Yangon, Mandalay has not grown from a smaller settlement to town proportions. In 1857 Mandalay was set up in an empty area, because, according to an ancient prophecy, in that exact place a town would come into existence on occasion of the 2,400th

jubilee of Buddhism. The city was named after the Mandalay Hill, which is situated at the northeast corner of the present city. The hill has for long been a holy place and it is believed that Lord Buddha prophesied that a great city, metropolis of Buddhism, would be founded at its foot. It was King Mindon who fulfilled the prophecy.


One of the most remarkable archaeological sights in Asia , if not the world, the magic of Bagan has inspired visitors to Myanmar for nearly a 1000 years. Once the centre of a glorious kingdom, ancient temples dot the landscape as far as the eye can see. Today, apart from spectacular sunset views and serene river cruises, Bagan is also the centre of Myanmar 's lacquerware industry.



Heho (Inle lake)

Just a short flight away from Yangon , yet seemingly worlds apart from the rest of Myanmar . It is an area of outstanding beauty, which is located in the cool green highlands of Shan State. The lake itself sits a pleasant 2900 fleet above sea level and is famous for its leg rowers, floating markets and prolific bird life. In this unique wetland environment, whole villages sit on floating islands on the lake. Colourful hill tribes inhabit the surrounding fertile valleys and forested mountain tops, and their hand-woven silks are a speciality of the region.

Thandwe (Ngapali Beach)

Famous for its miles of empty white sandy beaches, brilliant turquoise sea, and swaying cocount palms, is Myanmar's premier beach destination. Intimate resorts offer visitors the chance to swim, sail,kayak and feast on fresh seafood by candle light, as the sun sinks lazily into the Indian Ocean.


 Ngapali is the perfect place to unwind and savour those few precious weeks in Myanmar.


Sittway (Mrauk U)

Is situated not far from Sittwe on the Arakan Coast. It is the 15th Century ruins of the capital of a flourishing Rhakine kingdom and it is often touted as an interesting alternative to Bagan. Be one of the first to discover these ancient temples, accessible only by boat alongside the Kaladan River


Tachileik, is start of a tour to the famous Golden Triangle. Tachileik is a border town in Myanmar sitting on the banks of Mekong River across from Mai Sai in Thailand . There is quite a contrast as you wait across the bridge between the two. You can take a one hour thirty minutes boat tour of the Mekong River with stop at Chiang Seng on the Thai Border and Won Pon on the Laos Border.

Kyaing Tong   

Is siutated in the esatern most part of Shan State near the Chinese and Thai borders. Kyaing Tong is the residence for many of the ethnic hill tribes such as the Wa, Shan, Akha, Anh, Akhu and Lahu. The mixture of different ethnic cultures add to the diversity of the cultural practices of the area.

Chiang Mai (THAILAND)

Was founded 700 years ago as the capital of the ancient lanna Kingdom. Thailand 's second city , set within a two sq km moat, has retained many of its tradiational wooden houses and has interesting night markets. Chaing Mai is also the main centre for hill tribe trekking. Air Mandalay flies from Yangon to Chiang Mai.






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